Elie and Jimmy are twin brothers born and currently reside in South Texas. Building has been a long time passion of the twin brothers installed in them by their late father, a builder himself. After years and countless remodels of their own businesses and homes they have decided to take that experience and apply it to the general construction and specialize in outdoor entertainment. They have found fulfillment in watching their visions of their own come to life. They recently reunited with their long time friend and general foreman Mike and assembled an entire team of professionals who will make sure your visions of your own home or business come true. With GEMINIBROTHERS.com you will have the peace of mind that the work you need will be done in a timely matter and to your complete satisfaction.

The brothers are deeply imbedded in the community and are well known. You will find it easy to get character and business references. Their kids go to school here in Corpus Christi and they own and operate multiple other successful businesses in South Texas. The point is, they are not going anywhere. You will always know where to find "the twins" if any concerns come up. Elie and Jimmy strongly believe that a person's word should always be binding and they strive to uphold that every day both personally and professionally. 


General foreman Mike hand picks each and every member of our team to ensure that they are not only knowledgeable but are also respectful of others and behave morally and ethically.


You can rest assure that not only are your projects guaranteed but are also licensed and bonded.


Elie and Jimmy are always hands on and they will personally handle each and every project as if its their own. They love getting to know their customers and are always transparent.